Join Rotary Club of Southbank and attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service

25th April, 2017

All members of Rotary Club of Southbank, Family & Friends are welcome to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service this Tuesday Morning followed by a traditional Gunfire Breakfast at the Victoria Barracks for other 5000 members of the public.

This gathering replaces our regular meeting on this day and thanks to our resident Defence Force member Steven Kidziak who is coordinating the event on behalf of the club, will be an opportunity to learn more about the role that our Defence Force plays in protecting our country and allow us to honour those who have served in the past.

6am - 7am      Dawn Service (It is recommended to be in place for 5.45am for the pre-amble address)

7am – 9am     Gun Fire Breakfast at the Victoria Barracks

9am – 1pm     Anzac Day March

Order of Service for the Dawn Service

0540 Formation of the Official Party RSL CEO
0550 Explanation of Ceremony MC
0553 Governor of Victoria met at Birdwood Avenue by Chairman of ADCC, and Chief Marshall RSL State President & Chief Marshall
0559 Order 'Stand-To' given as Official Party Approaches North Entrance of Shrine Deputy Chief Marshall
0600 'G' sounded Bugler
  A light shines on top of the Shrine  
  Verses 3 and 4 of Bynyon's 'For the Fallen' recited RSL State President
  Response "We will Remember Them" Veterans/Public
  'Last Post' sounded Bugler
  1 Minute Silence  
  'Lest We Forget' spoken RSL State President
  Response "Lest We Forget" Veterans/Public
  'Reveille' sounded RSL State President
  'Abide with Me' MSO Chorus, The RANB-M

Service Continues -

Various Presenters and Speakers (TBA)

Hymn - Service Band and Choir

  The New Zealand 'National Anthem' - "God Defend New Zealand" MSO Chorus, The RANB-M
  The Australian 'National Anthem' - "Advance Australia Fair" MSO Chorus, Air Force Band
  Light on top of the Shrine extinguished  
  Official Party moves inside the Shrine - Governor leading  
  Governor lays a wreath on the Stone of Remembrance on behalf of the people of Victoria.  
  Official Party lays poppies  
  5/6 RVR Pipers and Drums and The Royal Australian Navy Band - Detachment Melbourne plays 'Highland Cathedral' during the placements of poppies 5/6 RVR Pipes and Drums,
  Closing Remarks / Invitation to enter Shrine and place a Poppy MC
  Piper on top of balcony of Shrine plays Lament 5/6 RVR Piper

Gun Fire Breakfast and Member Fellowship Gathering

The Australian Defence Force School of Catering (ADFSC), HMAS Cerberus, has been requested to provide a 'Gun Fire Breakfast' for approximately 5,000 serving ADF members, veterans and members of the public attending the Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remebrance as part of the ANZAC day activities.

The Gun Fire Breakfast will be setup in the front of Victoria Barracks commencing at approximately 0630 on ANZAC Day.


Gun Fire Breakfast - 0630 - 0659

Street Closure

Closure of St Kilda Road to all traffic will be undertaken between 12am and 3pm

Club Gathering

For further details and and to connect with our members on the day, please refer to our Facebook Page or the Shrine of Rememberance.

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