Vocational Carpentry Training in Afghanistan

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The Rotary Club of Southbank is a proud supporter of the Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO), a charitable organisation providing education and training in Afghanistan for those with minimal opportunities, particularly women and girls, to foster sustainable livelihoods and develop professional skills.

AADO has a proven track record of high outcome, low cost programs that are delivered by local project staff with deep community networks and trusted relationships. AADO is a diaspora-led organisation that has been working closely with impoverished communities in Afghanistan since 2002, founded through the initiative of prominent Afghan-Australian, Dr Nouria Salehi, OAM.

Education and capacity building continue to play a vital role in the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan. Almost 35 years of conflict have had a devastating impact on the skills development system in Afghanistan, and while considerable progress has been made in the last 13 years to improve education, including vocational training for illiterate and unemployed Afghans, many cannot take advantage of opportunities because their lives are consumed with earning some meager income wherever they can, usually on the streets.

In 2008, to address a significant need, AADO established its carpentry training initiative at its Training Centre in Kabul. Since then, this Carpentry Training program has seen 55 young men successfully achieving trade level skills and all were immediately employed.

This project will recruit 10 teenage boys living very precarious lives on the streets of Kabul and teach them a trade in carpentry over 12 months and provide a pathway into a job or small business that secures income for them and their families, while also contributing to the reconstruction of a thriving Afghanistan.

Southbank Rotary is an active supporter of AADO and are seeking the generosity of other Rotary Clubs, partner organisations and individuals to donate funds to finance this international vocational programme to promote and facilitate economic sustainability in Afghanistan through this valuable training opportunity for young men in Kabul.

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