Tenacious Arrives in Melbourne

Following a 9 Month voyage from the UK, Tall Ship Tenacious has finally arrived in Melbourne, which will become a base as it gives opportunities for people of all abilities (including blind people and those in Wheelchairs) to learn to sail in equal partnership with abler bodied crew.

Journeys will be taken between Melbourne and Geelong, Hobart, Adelaide, Sydney.

How you can get involved

  • Join a Sailing as an

A list of future sailings is available on the JST website.

  • Sponsor a person with a disability
  • Organise a group sailing

The technology that allows the ship to support disabled and able bodied crew to work together is not new and was developed about 30 years ago.  The 2 ships (Tenacious and the Lord Nelson) were designed and constructed from the ground up.

Members of the crew work about 4 hour shifts at a time and gives participants the opportunity to work alongside people that they would otherwise not get to meet. Combined with the opportunity of partnering up with people of different levels of ability, the experience creates a whole new meaning to what it means to work as a team.

Jubilee Sailing Trust has set an Australian HQ in Melbourne last year and is also a UN accredited Charity.

At Recent Rotary meetings, we have had representatives from the Jubilee Sailing Trust attend our club meeting as a way of furthering a partnership between our club and future projects and we are planning further work in this area along with the Choir of Hard Knocks who we also share a partnership with.

The Jubilee Savings Trust is also looking for opportunities to speak to groups of people and school children particularly.

For further information, please contact the Rotary Club of Southbank or the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

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