Warrior Mum completes 7 million steps walking across America.

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Rotary Club of Southbank member Kay Ledson has completed the journey of a lifetime – to walk the entire breadth of America from Carlsbad, California to Washington DC, A total of 7 million Steps.

Activity Based Therapy

Aussie Mum Kay is passionate about her son Josh and his efforts to recover from a snowboarding accident in June 2000.  So much, she has managed to successfully walk across America to help promote and develop recovery options for people with Spinal Cord Injury.  Starting from Carlsbad, California, Kay and a whole delegation of people effected by the problem met with US government officials in Washington to look at ways that activity-based therapy could be introduced to support people suffering spinal cord injury as a way of highlighting the struggle that families face and assist them to live more normal lives.

Why America and not Australia you ask?

There is no doubt that spinal cord injury affects people all around the world, however it is the friendships and the support from organisations in America so far, who have greatly assisted Kay and her son Josh in his recovery, as Josh was able to use existing treatments, often at huge cost, to learn to walk again following his snowboarding accident in June 2000. In addition, it was the opportunity to meet up with other families also affected by spinal cord injury along the road which was much of the inspiration for Kay’s journey.

Kay is immensely proud of her son and what he has managed to achieve.  Giving up, though is not in their psyche.

It is hoped however that through increased support by the US government, that similar treatments will become available in Australia and other countries around the world.

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