Buy your Xmas Tree from Rotary!

Southbank & Carlton Rotary Xmas Pop-up Shop

Xmas Tree Sale @ Lygon Court, Carlton

380 Lygon Street (Cinema Nova Complex)

24th November to 22nd December 2012

In the spirit of Social Inclusion Week and the Christmas Festive Season, Carlton and Southbank Rotary Clubs are selling fresh Xmas Trees with procedes going towards Rotary community projects by our two clubs.

We are also providing a Christmas gift giving tree for people wanting to donate presents to those in our community who are less fortunate than us. SWAGS for Homeless, our community partner, will also be launching their new DELUXE retail camping model of the award winning, innovative Backpack Bed(TM) and also collecting donations to provide dignified shelter for those sleeping on the streets this Christmas. We welcome your support in the spirit of Christmas and Social Inclusion Week.

Call for Volunteers

Southbank Rotary is seeking volunteers to assist Southbank and Carlton Rotary together with our community partners, Swags for Homeless bring some 'Cheer' this Christmas at our Christmas
"Pop-up" Shop in busy Lygon St Carlton.

Where is it?

It's in Busy Lygon St at a "street-front site" outside the Nova Cinema entrance - Lygon Court Shopping Centre - 380 Lygon St.

The site is a generous donation from Lygon Court Management - The Banco Group.

When is it on?

Between Sat. 24th November and Sat. 22nd December. Hours are: Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm Monday; Sat 10am to 5pm; Sun 12Noon to 5pm. Appropriately, the opening will mark the start of Social Inclusion Week.

What's on offer at the shop?

  • Fresh Christmas Trees - profits will support Southbank and Carlton Rotary Club community projects.
  • The new deluxe version of the SWAGS Backpack Bed (TM) - an award winning innovative product, originally designed for the homeless. The deluxe version of the "SWAG" is an ideal Christmas present for lovers of the great outdoors!
  • A Christmas Giving Tree, where shoppers and passers-by can donate gifts for the homeless and others in need, and can pledge a donation to fund a Backpack Bed for a homeless person this Christmas.
  • A face-to-face opportunity to let the public know about Swags for Homeless and Rotary's projects for those less fortunate.

This project needs YOUR help to succeed.

We need a commitment from YOU, if you possibly can, to attend a shift or two a week - weekends or weekdays - during the operating period. Please do also invite your friends and family to help us with a shift or two!

It's a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to promote awareness of Swags for the Homeless, Rotary and raise funds for those less fortunate.

Please do indicate you availibility to assist us by clicking on the online form  and feel free to pass this on to others who may also be able to assist us!  Thanks!

For any further queries, please contact Chris Trueman by email:

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