Turning Conversations into Actions

The new Conversations to Actions marketing campaign has now been launched with the Introduction of a membership brochure and print and radio advertising across Australia, a revisted Zone website and a Facebook page. The hallmark of the campaign is our Ambassador's program. Our Ambassadors are Australians who have acheived extrodinary things in our community either by joining Rotary or through Rotary. Their endeavours help explain why there is nothing like Rotary. Rotary is where you can join in the community conversation, and through your new network of of friends exceptional things can be achieved by turning conversations into actions .. all while you are learning, leading, joining others and having fun.

Through your new network of friends exceptional things can be acheived by turning conversations into actions.

Rotary Ambassador: Bev Brock

Rotary Ambassador: Peter Jones

Radio Advertisement: Dr Jonathan Welch

Radio Advertisement: Bev Brock

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