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iLearn: Tech Wednesdays at Boyd

Don't know much about computers?  Come to the Tech Wednesdays sessions to learn new skills and make new friends.  All sessions are free but registration is essential.  You can learn about the Internet, use of iPads and use of social media.


Pope Welcomes Rotary to Jubilee Audience

As invited guests of Pope Francis, nearly 9,000 Rotary members from around the world attended a special Jubilee celebration in Rome, where peace, polio eradication, and the refugee crisis were highlighted.


International SPEAK UP Award

Worldpeacefull presents to you a great possibility for you can change the world for children and children will change the world for you. 


Women's Day Breakfast thursday 10 March 2016

Don’t miss this year’s International Women’s Day Breakfast!  It is a fantastic event with well over 1,000 attendees each year.  The speakers are all excellent and very interesting.


Rotary News

Message from RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran (June)

British writer and Royal Air Force pilot Roald Dahl was also an avid photographer who carried his beloved Zeiss camera on his many adventures. At a time when each photograph had to be laboriously developed by hand, on film or glass plate negatives, he amassed a collection of hundreds of images. In later years, these photographs served as a visual record of his travels, a way to document his experiences and share them with others. Yet he always spoke of his memories as being far more vivid than the photographs could ever reflect. So many events and experiences, he said, were simply impossible to capture; they could not be adequately conveyed in images or words.


Message from RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran (May)

Some years ago, in the Kano plains of Kenya, a well-meaning development agency took on the task of improving water availability to a rural community. Committees were formed, meetings were held, and the local people were consulted. The main need the community identified was improved delivery of water for irrigation and livestock. A plan to meet this need was created, and the work was soon begun, exactly as the community representatives had requested.


Assisting The Kids Foundation

Rotary Club of Southbank were approached by Kathryn Vadnjal to assist her son Nicholas, a recent burns victim, to achieve a personal goal having just come out of intensive care.


Message from RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran (April)

Many years ago, in Kolkata, India, I had the chance to meet Mother Teresa. She was an incredible woman with an incredible force of personality. When she walked down the street, the crowd parted in front of her like the Red Sea. Yet when you talked to her, if you mentioned the tremendous things she had done, she almost did not engage in this topic at all. By many reports, if you asked her what her greatest achievement was, she would answer, "I am an expert in cleaning toilets."


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A club that is enterprising, caring and productive. Developing fellowship and implementing activities rich in choice, for the benefit of our community.

Meets Every Tuesday in the Southbank area - 6pm for 6.30pm.

Usual Venue: (may change for special meetings so please confirm before attending)

Dee Casa Restuarant
139 City Road, Southbank

Located at the front of the WRAP apartments

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